Do much does earn Hello I’m German?


Germán Garmendia is perhaps the most popular YouTuber today because its activity and growth on Youtube has been very fast in just two years, began as many small enthusiasts than what wanted to be noticed in the video network. It has currently become one of the few Vloggers who more money earn with YouTube matching and exceeding a Werevertumorro besides being of the most influential and divertidos.

We saw in how much money earn Werevertumorro? know approximately what win Gabriel Montiel each month and now it is the turn of a Chilean who has impacted on the network for more than two years.German officially has two channels on YouTube, the main Hi I am German , where every Friday upload videos and currently boasts more subscribers 8,200,000 and second Hello I am German 2 where often talk about it, interact with their Fans with 800.000 of subscribers.


On their home page has a contract with Machinima , which is one of the best companies in YouTube with which it has a contract that pays him $1 usd each thousand visits by advertising in your videos that really varies depending on the time of year. Well are going to wave a bit more in numbers warned searches you’ll be speechless continue, her channel has many subscribers that each upload a video to reach the 10 million views on average and we know that upload every eight days, making a total of 40 million visits and adding your videos earlier and the last months this raises.

On the other hand going to and typing the channel does us visits receiving daily with what we know has an average of 2,000,000 daily… daily visits? If this WINS $1600 USD per day = $48,000 usd monthly.On the other hand as commented on average their videos manage to reach a total of 10,000,000 of reproductions in a month this 4 videos is a total of 40,000,000 of reproductions, reproductions of the past month 500,000 videos we add to this and the last month the past with what we estimate is a total of 50,000,000 of reproductions per month, if we know that they pay him $0.8 usd thousand views this gives us the total amount of $40,000 usd a month but lack added its second channel with which WINS a total of $40,800 usd monthly.

Good either the first estimate based on the page or the second estimated by calculating their visits in the same way as we did with Werevertumorro, the reality is Hello I am German earnings average ranging from $35,000-$55,000 usd monthly but if these calculations do not convince you you know that is one of the the most Hispanic popular with several videos in the first places of the most reproduced on YouTube going above recognized youtubers as Caelike, What da Faq Show, Werevertumorro, Willyrex, Yuya and OMG rubius.

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