Do much wins a Member?


The members are the Government officials responsible for making decisions to move the country forward, they all have general meetings in where there are agreements and proposed alternatives and solutions to problems as they relate to the country, the place where these agreements are taken, is in the “Chamber of Deputies” or also called “House of representatives”as we have already seen how much money earn the President Enrique Peña now is the turn of their companions. As your camera is called is what they are, are elected representatives of the people and are forced to defend the ideals of their community and people who believe in it, the members in Mexico are a total of 500 which are elected every 3 years, which implies that 500 chairs there are in the Palacio legislativo de San Lazaro.

Within the body of members, we find that it elects a President, two Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Chairman of the Board of coordination and coordinators. That you are equally chosen to contain all the representatives of the different political parties elected.


Well let’s what interests us, at the beginning of this year is presumed a reduction to the budget of the Federation which implies a reduction of 1% of their salary last year, the President of the Chamber boasts a salary of $350,798.82 mxn per month already with benefits being more big has his account, followed by Secretaries and later the federal deputies who earn $105,378 pesos monthly form base, representing adding their bonds, grants and benefits count as well: salary Base: $105, 378Aguinaldo: $198, 187Ayuda utility: $33,360 (annual) life insurance: $55, 690Seguro of medical expenses: $110, 610Seguro of separation: $197, legislative 262Asistencia: $45, 786atencion citizen: $28, 772Con benefits given to each of the 500 deputies in federal payroll earn $160,000 pesos a month that are reported directlyThis adds a bit of legislative assistance which is not worn and equally of assistance citizen; This follow the steps closely to the President reported a salary of $208,570 pesos a month.

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