Do much WINS Sofia Vergara?


Sofia Vergara is a famous actress and Colombian model who was ranked by Forbes magazine as the best paid of television actressin 2012. Sofia career began when a photographer saw her resting on the beach in colombia and discovered her spectacular body when I was just a young girl to be part of a commercial for the Pepsi brand promoting its country colombia having much success after launching internationally but his career was just beginning.

Later she continued with his career already formed as a public figure and I took the reins of the international festival of Viña del Mar , where I rolo as presenter giving award to Luis Miguel and giving to speak about, no doubt her spectacular body and beauty as well as its great charisma led her to sign an exclusive contract with Univision where she was host of “Out of series” chain and “that do not dare” after forming part of Televisa for Mexico doing soap operas like “Fire in the blood”


The incredible talent that this Colombian has led her to become part of the American market where to done movies and television series as Smurfs 1 and 2, the Avengers and Modern Family where its success outperformed from 2009 to the present day, taking it to be the best paid television actress winning the amount of $19 million of dollars a year something like $1.6 million of dollars a month winning 65,000 usd for each episode of the famous series, most films of international cinema and advertising campaigns that represents such as Pepsi, Cover Girl, the chain of Kmartstores, Ace detergent among others. The heritage of the Colombian is currently 26 million of dollars and emerging, among the list of the best paid is second Kim Kardashian with $18 million usd and third Eva Longoria with $15 million usd.

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