How Much A National Police Officer Get Paid?

How Much A National Police Officer Get Paid1

Spain’s National Police is an armed civil institution that reflects the Ministry of Interior of the country, currently has more than 82,000 employees who are paid according to their work within the institution.

The Spanish National Police traces its history to the mid-80s, which is born of the union of the Superior police forces and the National Police. This union was aimed at eliminating confusion between controls established one, also because both groups have developed similar work so it was not necessary to have two institutions for a single purpose.

For years, members of the National Police have suffered from low wages compared with other institutions such as the civil guard, this problem for years has been used by politicians when they try to win the election, and although it has been as a promise of several of them come to power, none has dared to change this and the salary remains the same. A new national police jury charges on average 1,360 euros a month.

The salary of the police varies: category and subcategory to which he belongs, destination, or job level unit. Here you can see in the table as winning a national police receiving the different positions within the National Police, these salaries represent between 50% and 80% of the wages received by other police institutions, this shows the clear discrimination that receives this institution.

  • Senior Superintendent: € 2,856.49
  • Commissioner: € 2,735.14
  • Chief Inspector: € 2,438.38
  • Inspector: € 2,269.28
  • Deputy Inspector: € 1,859.14
  • Official: € 1,674.81
  • Police: € 1,506.00

How Much A National Police Officer Get Paid2

The above figures represent the total of an element can get a month, but do not represent his basic salary, which is the next to which are added the destination and C. C. general.

  • Senior Superintendent: € 1,112.85
  • Commissioner: € 1,112.85
  • Chief Inspector: € 1,112.85
  • Inspector: € 1,112.85
  • Deputy Inspector: € 944.48
  • Official: € 704.05
  • Police: € 704.05

The element of the National Police receive an increase every three years of service, this increase varies depending on the position they hold within the institution.

  • Senior Superintendent: € 42.77
  • Commissioner: € 42.77
  • Chief Inspector: € 42.77
  • Inspector: € 42.77
  • Deputy Inspector: € 34.23
  • Official: € 25.70
  • Police: € 25.70

Currently it is intended that the salaries of the National Police are approved with those of other institutions, but as we have seen in the past does not seem to have much success due to little interest from politicians, unless election dates approach for this if you add time to the cause but spend the elections and forget the promises they have made what they charge similar to firefighters, as we have seen in the past.

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