How Much Do Commercial Engineers Make?

How Much Do Commercial Engineers Make1

The commercial engineering is a common career in Chile due to the commercial twist to the country dedicated professionals are needed in these disciplines.

A sales engineer is dedicated to study national and international trade relations whether a company or nation by applying expertise in finance, statistics, operations research, quantitative methods, economy, marketing, process engineering and mathematics, we can say that this race has some similarity with business administration because both are implemented almost the same PENSUM studies.

We can say that a commercial engineer is a professional trade and economic sciences which is trained with skills in strategic and operational management, giving an emphasis to mercadológicos and business aspects, with the main mission optimization of given resources both human and financial and materials for this application using quantitative methods, for this reason it is considered as one of the branches within engineering. In the case of Chile’s commercial engineering is one of the recognized races for the Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile and is why many young people are interested in pursuing this career.
How Much Do Commercial Engineers Make2
On the other hand commercial engineering nowadays has become quite controversial career when it comes to salaries, as one of the most prestigious races in Chile, many young people choose to work in this profession for this reason today there are many sales engineers trying to qualify for a square. It is a career that has been exploited in the Mercada because it has become the dream of many young people, moreover find many universities offering this race, however the difference between a good professional and one that is not dependent on the house of studies where he obtained the title, this will also depend on the type of salary that can get in the professional market, similar to the biomedical, aeronautical, mechatronics engineers, etc.

If you want a good salary recommends studying at PUC, University of Adolfo Ibáñez and PUCV, these are good universities where their graduates receive offers from $1,299.99 to $2421.14 american dollars. The salary will also depend on the skills and competencies that have the graduate, not to mention that the more years of experience has commercial engineer his salary will be better.

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