How Much Does Los Ángeles Azules Make Per Concert?

How Much Does Los Ángeles Azules Make Per Concert1

Los Ángeles Azules are one of the best remembered groups in Mexico, successes were very popular and in fact even in the new generations their successes are being heard.

Los Ángeles Azules were born in 1976 in Iztapalapa in Mexico City, his style was Mexican and cumbia sonidera although initially not carrying the current name, but called Playa Azul. To the rhythm of this style they have been able to create great songs that have been touring several countries due to the success they have generated their presentations along all these years are countless, not only been dedicated to play on big stages but also private events for which they can be hired regardless of country.

The cost for filing Los Angeles Azules is $20,000 to $33,000, this price is negotiable depending on the needs of people who wish to recruitment and availability of the group, which may be charged for the transfer if the place of the presentation is distant.

Los Ángeles Azules group is one of those with higher cost per presentation in Mexico, reason and we mentioned, its popularity is unmatched by many other bands, including young people today still they tend to listen to their songs like julion Alvarez.

How Much Does Los Ángeles Azules Make Per Concert2

Because of the popularity we have already mentioned it is important to make reservations well in advance because normally the group is making presentations and schedule a private presentation with short notice can be difficult and if you plan on hiring could be disappointing that may not be in your event because of time you’ve given them to make arrangements for your presentation, even weddings are still presented in a variety of hits including: Delivery of Love, 17, the bar of your hair, My Feelings , As you’ll forget, among others.

Nowadays young people prefer other groups or popular artists, but the cost for presentation of the most popular artists are usually very high to be hired for individual presentations as MS Band, this does not say that Los Angeles Blues they are not popular but are a bit more accessible than many other groups and artists, despite having a cost per enviable presentation by some, currently the group is reinventing doing various collaborations with renowned singers of pop and symphonic music.

To hire Los Angeles Azules is necessary to contact directly with their representative, because many times people say that they can be intermediaries and only end up cheating people.

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