How Much Does The Staff Of Salvame Make Per Program?

How Much Does The Staff Of Salvame Make Per Program1

Save me is a Spanish television program which is produced and broadcast by Telecinco, this is one of the most controversial Spanish television programs.

Save me was born in 2009, since then there have been about 1,500 episodes lasting 4 hours, initially the program was welcomed by the public very well and this led to rapidly be placed as one of the headlines chain programs, However, over time many users began to criticize the program, some simply demanded that their schedule was changed because its transmission was for a family schedule, but some others have requested that the program is canceled when considering it as a waste program.

Despite being a program which leaves much revenue from advertising on the Telecinco, employees of Save me only receive a small salary for each program receive between $600 and $900 euros if it makes appearances in three programs a week, this equivalent to about $ 9,000 per month, but there are occasions where the actors have appearances throughout the week, if this is the case then a month can earn about $ 15,000.

How Much Does The Staff Of Salvame Make Per Program2

A salary of 600-900 euros per program may seem very high, but considering it earns the television advertising time salaries are very low, especially considering that the actors that should be exposed in each program to meet the public and no profit of the television.

In recent months there have been reductions in wages, the last was 10% but before this reduction had already happened several in one year, that as it loses popularity and are less interested in display advertising during the program transmission.

As we saw on How Much Make Kiko Hernandez Per Month?, employees of Save me Deluxe which involved Kiko Matamoros, Kiko Hernández, Lydia Lozano, Belén Esteban, Rosa Benito and Mila Ximénez, among others, a much better than their peers number takes, these are carried by program $ 2,500 euros, and if they participate during the week Save me then your pay is much higher and that Save me Deluxe has a larger for each program, around 400,000 euros budget, while the weekly program is around 70,000 euros program earning more than even the president of Spain.

There are as mentioned similar to the program “Big Brother VIP” GHVIP, many people in favor and against this program, but as long transmitted and generating large amounts of revenue for television but not so much for the employees, it will continue to air.

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