How Much Make Jorge Ramos Ávalos Per Month?

How Much Make Jorge Ramos Ávalos Per Month1

Jorge Ramos Ávalos is one of the most influential Latinos in the United States since 1986 anchors Noticiero Univision and throughout this time has covered the most important events in the world.

Jorge Ramos was born in Mexico City on March 16, 1958, he graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a degree in communications, two years after it traveled to the United States on a student visa, that was where he could find work what was then a subsidiary of Univision, only two years later was already conducting a program of Univision, for 1986 it got the job that continues to this day as a driver of Noticiero Univision, that just three years after arriving in the United States.

During his career as a driver News has managed to interview all presidential candidates since he has been in the news, it has also succeeded in winning 8 awards Emmys for excellence in journalism.

Jorge Ramos has been named as one of the most influential Latinos in the United States along with Sofia Vergara, despite only having become an American citizen six years ago in 1998 at the age of 50, this having been for 25 years in the United States.

How Much Make Jorge Ramos Ávalos Per Month2

For its participation in the programs of Univision, Jorge Ramos gets each year two million dollars equivalent to $167.000 US dollars a month, a not inconsiderable sum, but his salary has been criticized for years as the conductive Chiquinquirá Delgado who share the news to have a salary of less than $ 1 million a year despite doing the same work, this shows clear discrimination by Univision to the driver.

Further details on the salary to the driver, typically broadcasters salaries are not shared as this can cause scandal, as we just have to mention the difference in salary between the two drivers, it is therefore not know that broadcasters do not share this information as we saw gains as a TV host, but to do so only creates more misinformation and rumors like Floyd Mayweather fights.

Jorge Ramos along his career he has written numerous books, among which “No Borders” (Crossing Borders) and “presidential candidates” in both shows its point of view on these issues of migration and speaks a little what it has learned about them throughout his career.

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