How Much Make Kiko Hernandez Per Month?

How Much Make Kiko Hernandez Per Month1

Francisco Hernández Ruiz, known as Kiko Hernandez is a Spanish television presenter and contributor. Born in Madrid in 1976 and became known for his participation in the reality show Big Brother and after being inside one of the top three began to collaborate on Martian Chronicles until 2005.

In 2004, Kiko began collaborating on “your side” of Spanish television, ending in 2007, but was quickly adopted in the “La Noria” which was started in 2009 program until late 2012. Then work the Sálvame also collaborate provisionally program but left after suffering a crisis.

Currently, he returned to Sálvame program every Saturday featuring “The Marriage of Save Me”, the first program that has the same, it is termed as a television program neorealism.

Kiko Hernández is a funny, ironic and controversial figure, who have made the chain TeleCinco take it as an indispensable contributor to the television shows.
How Much Make Kiko Hernandez Per Month2
But being a controversial character How Much Make Kiko Hernandez? As mentioned previously this person works on ‘Save me’ a trash TV program and said that every day on the program would be earning a figure of between $600 and $1,000 euros, according to a report ‘The World’, but their producer ‘factory tele’ would be trying to reduce their salary and the rest of his fellow employees of the same program to 10% of their salaries, which would entail a reduction fifth of their salary in less than two years. It is for this reason that all partners ‘Save me’ would be thinking about a strike, but the question to ask would be who the contract if they leave the program?

The amount you earn Kiko Hernández is equal to the rest of its employees as Lydia Lozano, Kiko Matamoros, Chelo García-Cortés, Rosa Benito, Maria Patiño and Mila Ximénez, except Belén Esteban, who have a higher percentage than the rest.

Assuming that these characters the program earn 800 euros a day, working 20 days a month, would the amount of $16.000 euros per month, representing nearly $200,000 euros a year just for participating in the program, ie if Kiko do other presentations would be earning some other euro, because Saturday night the ‘Salvame Deluxe‘ program airs. As if that were not enough to know who earn more than Spanish MEPs or that the Spanish civil guard for just fight and shouting on TV and know that they also earn more than the president of Spain.

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