How Much Make Pekerman Per Year?

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Thanks to the great effort made by the coaches of the teams that reached the last World Cup held in Brazil, and appreciation of their countries has been clearly reflected in each of their salaries into their bank accounts and their leaves Life in this case Pekerman.

And one of the coaches that currently takes one of the biggest salary is the Argentine coachJose Nestor Pekerman” who has managed to be placed in the 8th place in a list that reflects football coaches who are better paid history.

Well, now the coach of the Colombian national team who is in charge of leading players cone Falcao and James Rodriguez, Pekerman is earning a salary ranging in $3,000,000 per year.

The appointment of the technical, was held in January 2014, which was made official the hiring of Argentine coach to prepare the football team of Colombia.
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Doing your part to avoid misunderstandings, his team off the president of the Colombian Football Federation, Luis Bedoya, adding that José Pekerman had signed a contract until August this year and accessed through a significant figure and also he said that their participation in the World Cup conducted in Brazil, technical it is also a bonus would add a significant amount exceeding the salary of the Piojo Herrera Mexican coach who is in the 9th position.

However, we must clarify that the amount of money that Colombia pays Pekerman is money that the technician must be distributed among each of the members belonging to his staff.

And a fact that we cannot fail to mention is that Pekerman for three years represented and wore the shirt of the team of Colombian football “Independent Medellín” and now at 62, he is willing to show their skills in the selection of older versus any equipment that is put in front.

Certainly during the last football world, Pekerman made clear that Colombia is part of your heart and lead one of the teams of their love, he would be willing to put everything on his side and defend it with claw on the court. Especially after seeing the performance of James Rodríguez against the ball being named by FIFA as the best player in groups World Cup 2014, it is clear that Pekerman is doing a good job.

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