How Much Money Does A Babysitter Make Per Hour?

How Much Money Does A Babysitter make per hour1

The demand for Babysitters has increased in Mexico, Spain and Argentina, this has made various companies involved are created solely to assist in hiring nannies or babysitters send their own.

Some people have realized the growing demand for nannies so have decided to create their own businesses, we can find companies dedicated solely to help find babysitters, what they do is maintain a database of nannies and when a client wants to hire a The company calls some of them for interviews, after choosing one, the nanny and the client are who agree on prices, the company earns a commission for making the search for babysitters, this committee may be $25 to $35 and is payable by the customer.

Other companies operate sending their own nannies, these companies can charge between $5 and $14 an hour in Argentina , the more experience you have the more nanny will cost, but as there are companies There are also independent nannies which offer their services at much lower prices, to $3 an hour if a student.

How Much Money Does A Babysitter make per hour2
The price of nannies in Spain, Mexico and Argentina does not vary much, it all depends if the nanny is hired by a company is or is independent, for this is what really depend cost. In both cases there are advantages and disadvantages, for example, nannies companies have more experience and are reliable but their prices are very high, while the independent nannies may not have experience but charged very little. The nanny usually covers work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday with overtime on weekends if needed and she takes care of all the care of 1 or more children and infants as well as go for them at school earning around of $12 an hour for those services. In Spain the average rates are $5 to $8 euros per hour depending on the work required.

The high demand for nannies has made many ancient pre-school teachers decide to offer their services as nannies, either part time or full time professionals and pediatricians who have careers that can help them exercise their service as nannies.

If you want to hire a nanny we recommend first looking at your budget, because depending on your budget must choose a nanny, but regardless of whether company or independent, have to be sure that is reliable, there have been many cases where nannies mistreat children leaving office, this can actually cause serious problems for children may begin to have psychological problems besides that no one would like the nanny bad mistreat their children, so best to someone you trust and experience and never is over some supervision.

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