How Much Money Does A Carabiner Make Per Month?

How Much Money Does A Carabiner Make Per Month1

Carabiner in Chile is a member of the uniformed police of Chile, this has military character and was created on April 27, 1927 and its name comes from the members of the police who carried a weapon in particular called “rifle” and is under the command of the President of Chile.

A policeman has the theme “Order and Fatherland” and the symbol of his uniform is represented by two crossed rifles, whose main mission is to safeguard the sovereignty and public order and enforce every law, relying power that Chilean constitution has given them.

Training a policeman is quite hard and can be just withdrawn until a certain age, this due to the degree of complication that has the training. Those who graduate from this training and have a stable job and are retired at a certain age.

Usually the salary of a Carabiner depends on many things, in first grade have to increase salary must have a sheet of blameless life and meet a certain amount of time. For example Officers must spend six years in this position to become Lieutenants, Lieutenants for another six years to become captain, and so on to achieve greater range, similar to the military and navy.
How Much Money Does A Carabiner Make Per Month2
Here we show you the scale of Earnings of a Carabiner by rank holding:

  • Mayor: $ 1412.76 USD
  • NCO: $ 1186.33 USD
  • Sergeant No. 1: $ 1084.83 USD
  • Sergeant No. 2: $ 1007.63 USD
  • Cape No. 1: $ 757.69 USD
  • Second place: $ 616.05 USD
  • Officer: $ 497.93 USD

These are the monthly salary of a policeman officer These include various benefits such as compensatory bonus, bonus 20 years, risk allocation, allocation of permanence, police assignment, special assignment, moreover also have discounts of law and the taxes must be paid.

Being a police officer is Chile is a big responsibility because each of the members of this team must project into the population presence, shelter, should create conditions for peace, comply with the law, to restore order, to publicize the laws of the republic, warn of the dangers to the public, should provide information to the community about different locations and enforce the orders issued by the courts.

If you want to be a policeman considers to be your vocation because this is a heavy, dangerous and most important work many lives depend on you.

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