How Much Money Does A Youtuber Earn?

How Much Money Does A Youtuber Earn1

You know you can make money with YouTube? you did not know … You know how much earns a YouTuber? We all know that is YouTube, we know that is one of the most popular social networks of all time where anyone can upload videos of any kind either jokes, sketches, trailers, music videos, any criticism or anything that is entertaining and fun to have a public comment and share these videos on the other social networks. We can also open an account in which we can keep our content and thus make it easier interaction in social network also allows us to open an individual channel which we can upload videos of a specific topic for instance funny videos, motivation, Christians, music, among others.

YouTube has now become a springboard for many people to get popularity, fame and money, the artists use very often to publicize their music, it is also common chapters of telenovelas, movies and series to climb, of this way we can be free to enjoy our favorite shows. Before mentioning how much the youtubers earn by visits have to say they earn more than a doctor, an architect or an engineer and that without going to school especially.

YouTube is also considered as the largest portal in the world videos and since it was bought by Google in 2006 has become a means in which you can earn a lot of money. If you noticed whenever you visualize a video in YouTube either at the bottom or top of the screen we see ads for different products or brands, each time a user adds a click ad, the advertiser pays a certain amount money to the video channel or owner. If you realize this is a great opportunity to make money for the more visits have the video channel or earn more money, so the content must be very popular.

How Much Money Does A Youtuber Earn2

This way is like YouTube is a platform on which a new profession, youtuber is discovered. What is a Youtuber?

A Youtuber or also known as Vlogger, is a person who shares the same produces videos for a specific topic will thus gaining popularity among users who share your interests, for example: videos of how to do hair, and develop crafts, recipes, skits, jokes, trollers, film critics, videogamers, etc.

The amazing thing about this profession is that young people who are engaged in it have specialized in very short time and thus have found ways to create audience highly professional content creation and innovative ways to make money through reproductions their videos.

How to make money on YouTube?

YouTube has become a source of advertising and very important business for Google this is where another service called Google Adsense which as you can see in terms of  how much we can earn on youtube integrates (a similar article but outdated where explain the system) where users must subscribe for companies to place ads in their videos. To do this the channels must be very popular to have a lot of views and thus can generate a lot of revenue. This is where we wonder how much does a Youtuber? So where are the limits?

It is worth mentioning briefly that after receiving 5,000 visitors a day to your videos, youtube makes you Partner is when you pay a fixed amount per thousand views, in addition to the clicks that users make in the advertising rate. Statistically must be 1% of visits made (CTR) and CPC (cost per click) means speaking is $ 0.1 US dollars (having already distributed profits of 30% to google and 70% to the publisher 100 paid by the seller), we then have the system comes down to a simple mathematical formula.

Money Clicks * CPC = # = # Views

I will begin by mentioning the most famous youtuber as: Hello I’m German, Werevertumorro, elrubius who get a lot of monthly income as anyone else of its kind, we also have the three vloggers Anglophone more money they make and as we know that the CPC for this language is better paid, the figures are also much higher.

  1. Smosh: $ 180.000 per month
  2. Sky does Minecraft: 250,000 per month
  3. Pewdiepie: $ 400,000 a month

So now you know, YouTube is not just a hobby but a way to make money, so if you’ve ever thought about record yourself making a joke or telling a joke, or record your cousin while you shove them down the stairs, you know that if you hang on your channel and this goes viral you can earn a few dollars. Remember that to be popular you must be original, have something you characterize, bring something new and fun about this talking to the visit return, you have to be yourself and that advice can be as popular as these youtubers, you only have to commit yourself because as in all work commitment, perseverance and dedication (and a little talent) are required to highlight, even more important when you can compete against the best in the world.

“So to put into action these opportunities to succeed from home, with a few minutes a day and earning more than twice an average job … before possible”

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