How Much Money Does An Historian Make Per Month?

How Much Money Does An Historian Make Per Month1

Historians or history graduates are those who are dedicated to studying human history, this can be divided into numerous topics, such historians are focused on the military while others are dedicated to the history of any culture or country.

The salary of an historian depends much on the country where it does business, such as in Mexico a historian has an income slightly below the average for a professional, this salary is $610 dollars per month according to the INEGI in a museum or doing close to government archives and historical orientation for tourism it is assessed according to age and recognition, while in the United States a historian has an average salary of $5,100 per month.

In the United States the role of historian is among the best paid in the country professions, this is thanks to that has given much importance to these issues either in universities and schools or in institutions such as museums, unfortunately in other countries will It has the same importance to this work and for this reason we see a huge difference between salaries of historians in different countries.

How Much Money Does An Historian Make Per Month2

There are very few places in Mexico and Latin America where you can practice as a historian and receive a good salary similar to that philosophy, social sciences and humanities, of course this requires having a doctorate because without it, the historians end up working teaching in schools where they are paid per class which is certainly a good sector in a public university may be full-time teacher. In the case of Mexico the best place to practice as a historian is at UNAM where historical research is conducted normally.

It is not uncommon for there is a great difference in wages by country, since the culture of each is different, for example in some Latin American countries do not have enough budget to devote funds to historical studies, while in the United States and other developed countries if they have enough of them to make major historical research funds.

On average 35% of the historians do not exercise their profession, they end up working in other places aside his profession because there is not sufficient demand to offer employment to all existing historians and recent graduates, you may be interested how to make a curriculum vitae.

But despite the bad of the situation, keep in mind that study what you love is the best choice, because if you do not you finish the rest of your life practicing a profession you’re not interested.

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