How Much Money Does An Optometrist Make In A Month?

How Much Money Does An Optometrist Make In A Month1

Optometry in Mexico has remained as an important profession for years, the reason is that the conditions of the eye are something that cannot be avoided and we always affected while you may already have consulted some.

Optometrists are doctors who are responsible for the care of our eyes and visual system also called optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians, they have specifically studied to treat conditions that we can suffer in our eyes, are responsible for advising us examine ourselves and the wearing glasses and graduation need, their work is very important because they depend on many people to have a good quality of life.

According to statistics more than 50% of the population in Mexico is suffering from any eye disease such as nearsightedness and farsightedness and require optometry services and opticians, from school age, in school 20% of students is affected by a problem related to poor vision, and older adults to 45 years 100% have visual problems. In addition more than 80% of the information we receive every day enters the eye being better visual memory related.

There are millions of people who need care from an optometrist every year in the world, for this high demand that the salary of an optometrist in Mexico is considerable, this may be about $620 per month, an salary negligible considering that the average person gets a month from $400 and $600 dollars as charged by nannies.

How Much Money Does An Optometrist Make In A Month2

Demand for optometrists has been maintained for many stable years, the reason is that we all need to see well, is for this reason that we went with an optometrist to receive treatment and without it, our daily life much more difficult, in my case could not go outside. A newly qualified optometrist can find jobs in private institutions of $ 3,500 to $ 5,000 pesos per month depending on the location as nutritionists or pediatricians.

There are optometrists who receive lower salaries because they work in institutions that are dedicated to care for people with limited resources or government institutions such as the IMSS or ISSSTE, if your salary is an average of $700 although this complement working elsewhere as private optical where the salary received generally lower dentists different case.

The salary for an optometrist is very significant in Mexico, as mentioned average salary in this country is $ 400 to $ 600 a month, so a salary of $ 620 is very good in Mexico.

Has been investigated that society is more vulnerable to visual problems and is greater involvement in world population, this due to the use and dependence of devices with brighter screen and we use them to work, in our free time and even when we go to sleep.

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