How Much Money Does An Oscar Winner Get?

how much money does an oscar winner get1

The Oscar is a prize to those professionals in the film industry that have captivated with his recent works are carried.

Winning an Oscar can be as much for someone working in the film industry, but in recent years it has become just one more way to make money and to be nominated for an Oscar and take it can mean big money.

How Much Money Does An Oscar Winner Get in Hollywood

While a person does not win directly effective for being nominated for an Oscar or take it if you can make money as a side effect, is that being an Oscar-nominated film means you will receive more attention from viewers, you may think probably for you is the same thing that this film nominated or not, but considering facts and figures (statistics) from previous films, we see after being nominated are significantly increase their profits due to the new care they are receiving the public filling all cinemas, as to seen the movie Gravity (Gravity) directed by Alfonso Cuarón who after winning the Oscar filled all Mexican rooms, is now the opportunity of Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu who was nominated for the film Birdman .
how much money does an oscar winner get2
An example of this is the film The King’s Speech which had a projected 22 million euros profit, but after being nominated for several Oscars, this figure increased to 152 million and after winning some projections exceeded 300 million euros and 325 million won in the end, all thanks to being nominated and won four statuettes.

But winning an Oscar not only mean income is that in order to be nominated for this award must first meet certain requirements, eg advertising your figure should exceed an amount already established, as well as the tape should be shown in some cinemas already elected. This means an outlay a lot of money.

Eventually some directors have known how to put the odds in your favor in order to gain some attention and win some nominations, for example, some time ago a director of his film DVD sent to each member of SAG, this will It cost 210,000 euros. An actor who becomes nominated or winning an Oscar usually has a long list of new projects with a payment of 20% higher than its previous payment with the film that was nominated.

If a player manages to get an Oscar, this will give long-term benefits, as there are actors who after receiving an Oscar start demanding more for their participation in future tapes and even higher fees for their participation in the film with which Oscar, this award unlike winning the Super Bowl or winning the Champions League, does not give money directly but certainly the win makes the difference as difficult as it took cinema market.

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