How Much Money Does Floyd Mayweather Make Per Fight?

How Much Money Does Floys Mayweather Make Per Fight1

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a professional boxer born in 1977, it is currently considered the best fighter in the world, thanks to this is that Mayweather manages to take large amounts of money for each fight.

Mayweather is not only considered the best boxer, but also the highest paid in history, only the peel against the Argentine Chino Maidana was $ 32 million and $ 38 million for its commission pay per view and ads, no doubt this is a considerable sum and is to be carried $70 million dollars in a single night is somewhat surprising.

In the fight that lasted only 36 minutes you could say that Mayweather earned $ 14.815 US dollars per second, equivalent to $ 888.889 US dollars per minute, in two minutes I earn the same as his opponent, who was only $ 1,500,000 dollars led, however This is in addition 8 million advertising and pay per view.

Now do the calculation for every hit that launched the boxer, in total for each received $ 75,000, regardless of whether or not hit, good no matter how we do the calculation, the important thing is how much I get for one night or rather for half an hour, certainly many envy him, who else can boast that takes 70 million dollars in 36 minutes.

How Much Money Does Floys Mayweather Make Per Fight2

In 2013 Mayweather was named the highest paid athlete in the world as we saw in us how much the canelo alvarez make, in the fight he had against Mexico’s Canelo Alvarez won a total of $ 100 million for a fight in which he was not required at all.

In his second fight with Maidana again showed the great difference in income for each boxer, Maidana only $ 8 million was while Mayweather was $ 41 million, this figure must be added the gains from advertising and pay per view.

In 2013 it was estimated that Mayweather had taken up $ 350 million during his career, but this calculation does not take into account the money generated by advertising and payments of pay per view, still, that figure falls short considering what We know that you have won in their last fights so in 2015 it is estimated that heritage has a close to the $500 million dollars being of athletes with more money, even beating players like messi.

More recently the famous boxer has agreed to face another boxer in another tip is considered the best thing is Manny Pacquiao, the May 2, 2015 at MGM Las Vegas bout biggest deal in history where an approximate bag will be held 200 million.

Mayweather remains one of the best paid athletes in the world, that there is no doubt, but probably in the next few years see how much you get for every fight begins to fall.

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