How Much Money Does Joaquín López Dóriga Make Per Month?

How Much Money Does Joaquín López Dóriga Make Per Month1

Joaquín López Dóriga is one of the most renowned journalists from around Mexico and of course the best paid, its driver and owner of the nightly news program on Televisa channel stars.

Lopez Doriga began his career in journalism 20 years old when he began working as a journalist for El Heraldo de Mexico in 1968, task performance during two years until he joined the 24-hour news Jacobo Zabludovsky, a year before this was achieved titrated law degree but never practiced as it was dedicated to the media.

Since 2000 Lopez Doriga directed the main news from Televisa, this is transmitted at 10:00 pm on Channel 2 Television and Galavision. Thanks to this position Doriga Lopez has enjoyed an excellent salary, was not expected nothing less to lead the newscast seen everything just as we saw How Much Money Does An Actor Make Per Month and How Much Does A TV Host Make Per Month.


Lopez Doriga salary is one of the best kept secrets by Televisa and of course do not want to create controversy by revealing the salaries of the people who generate revenue for the company, and Televisa is that not only generates revenue through advertisements that convey during the short, but also by means of references to certain political candidates, as was the case a few years ago when it was leaked to the internet a picture of a check issued by supporters of Enrique Peña Nieto to Joaquin Lopez Doriga not speak ill of it for its programs, valuable check had the sum of $ 10,000,000 pesos, references to other journalists but the closest only be $ 2,800,000 achievement similar to other influential journalists Jorge Ramos weights are also made.

How Much Money Does Joaquín López Dóriga Make Per Month2

Nobody knows How Much Lopez Doriga fortune reach or income you get from your Televisa newscast, participation in the program Third Degree, its program of Radio Formula and Millennium, but we know that has a luxury apartment in Mexico City and one in Miami and if to leave the continent has a mansion south of Spain along with luxury items such as a yacht valued at $ 40 million. It is estimated that Lopez Doriga must earn more than $200,000 pesos per month for the news over his other works can double that amount, but knowing you have money saved in the United States and Switzerland and invested in luxury properties gives us to think it gets better earnings Terms and extra payments.

At some point I even thought it would be Lopez Doriga if this was replaced Televisa news, but I am sure today that simply would retire to live happily in one of their houses enjoying all that has earned throughout his career as a journalist It is a disgrace as many see this character as an unwavering journalist but now we know that money prevents some news.

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