How Much Money Does Julion Alvarez Per Concert?

How Much Money Does Julion Alvarez Per Concert1

Julion Alvarez is a Mexican singer Norteno, is currently one of the greatest performers in its genre and is therefore one of the most generate income for their songs.

Born in Chiapas and from a modest family, Julio César Álvarez Montelongo or better known as Julion Alvarez am studying Mechanical Engineer until the fourth quarter when he decided to emigrate to Sinaloa.

Julion started his career from the bottom, singing in restaurants where earned only 100 pesos for 3 songs, then became part of the Banda MS and went with them where he earned great recognition thanks to his excellent voice, that led him to leave the band MS in order to find success on their own, so it decided to create Julion Alvarez Y Su Norteño Banda as a soloist.
How Much Money Does Julion Alvarez Per Concert2
Julion has been performing in various parts of the republic and although it has not meant much is what you get for each submission, if we know that despite not having the same popularity as other artists, if he can get a lot of income since his music is aimed at any public while other artists involved only some people and this causes their presentations more crowded.

Julion was part of La Voz Mexico where he was coach with Ricky Martin, Laura Pausini and Yuri and although we attempted to investigate what he had obtained for his role in The Voice, it was not possible to obtain an exact figure, only that this year would be more expensive than last year due to the participation of judges. Julion at the question of what would charge for participating in the Voice I assure you that there were only asked for a place to rest and sleep during their participation, although it would be illogical to think that only this has already asked other judges came to collect millions for their participation in the Voz Mexico this season in addition to the member of his team Guido Rochin won the competition. It is estimated that participation claimed more than $ 10 million, being that in the last edition Marco Antonio Solís “El Buki” collect $ 25 million pesos and Ricky Martin something similar, plus as we saw on How Much Does A TV Host Make Per Month?, Jaqueline Bracamontes took something like 4 million pesos.

Julion or his representative have wanted to reveal how much do you really get for each submission you make to palenques or elsewhere, but if it is true that Julion not ask for money for his presentation in Mexico Voice, then we must assume that really gets large revenues and for example, Luis Miguel earned millions for his role in The Voice. What is certain is that after the program’s Voice; Julion becomes more and sell more tickets than other bands charging about $55.000 to $72.000 US dollars per concert, season and conditions of Palenque.

Julion went from earning $ 100 pesos for 3 songs to earn thousands by just one, this is a clear example of success because they are really few people manage to achieve the same success that Julion.

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