How Much Money Does The Winner Of Super Bowl Get?

How Much Money Does The Winner Of Super Bowl Get1

The Super Bowl is the most watched US event and the second most viewed in the world only after the champions league or the World Cup, it is because of this that those who participate in it large sums of money are kept and is estimated that in order to attend one half per ticket it is $ 3,400.

The NFL Super Bowl is not just a moment of passion for fans of the sport, but also for dozens of companies looking for a small advertising space for this important event and this will be seen by millions of Americans who certainly noticed those products they are displayed during this important event.

If a company looking to advertise during the Super Bowl, must pay between 3 and 4 million for a 30 seconds without doubt an extremely high amount and is increasing, in 2009 the highest amount paid for an advertisement was $ 3 million and although both amounts seem much, advertisers are scrambling spaces from weeks before the end, so that each brand is distributed a small space where such Disney films as commitment Avengers, Spiderman or Sony by as GoDaddy did with a controversial kiss supermodel Bar Refaeli. Also worth mentioning that each year the final game of American Football has special appearance by an artist where they have been great people every year, as in 2014 where he presented Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2015 is presented super star Katy Perry.

The players also do well, the winning team takes over $157.000 US dollars for each player, whether this did not play in the final, only enough to have played 3 games during the season, if the player not in the list but has played 8 games also receive the same amount.
How Much Money Does The Winner Of Super Bowl Get2
If players do not comply with the above, for example, that are on the list but have only played one or two games, will receive half the money or not in the list and have played between 3 and 7 games . We found that for each match won in each phase a prize as shown in list form:

The way the money is distributed as follows:

  • Wild Card Winners: $ 23,000 each player
  • Divisional Winners: $ 23,000 each player
  • Winner of the Conference: $ $ 42.000 each player
  • Super Bowl Loser: $ 46,000 each player
  • Winner of the Super Bowl: $ $ 92.000 each player

With this we have the absolute winner gets an amount ranging from $ 157.000 US dollars if the divisional up to $ 180,000 if it is from the wild card, so also with the other teams, being the second place earns about $ 111.000 US dollars each player, not bad right? Once finished the Super Bowl winning team money comes and it has a maximum of 15 days after the event to give the money to each of its players and supporters.

The above figure is only for players of the winning team, without saying that the players also receive money for the game and this is obtained as proceeds of the entrances to the stadium and sponsors. No doubt each winning player takes a very good profit, but in the early years of the Super Bowl where they had only $ 20,000, a figure that over the years was building up to the current amount is that over the years also increases advertising costs.

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