How Much Money Is Netflix Making?

How Much Money Is Netflix Making1

Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service in the world, it began as a simple video store and is now producing their own series which have generated a lot of popularity, being an American entertainment company brings to the NASDAQ technology.

The history of Netflix begins in 1997 when its creators Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph decided to create a video which offered movies over the Internet, also provides DVD which are delivered by mail, but this service is in decline due to the popularity of streaming.

With its growing popularity Netflix managed to expand outside the United States, but is this country which currently has the largest number of subscribers, this has made the company to generate huge revenues, just in the last quarter of 2013 Netflix earned $ 1.066 million dollars, money that goes straight to the shares on the stock market generally still on the rise.

The growth of Netflix for the American continent was surprising, in 2010 began offering its service in Canada and in 2011 began with the first countries in Latin America in that year Netflix announced it would expand to 2 countries per year, but by the end 2011 Netflix already present in all of the Americas year he won $3.200 million dollars related revenue to companies like: Apple, Google and Facebook.

How Much Money Is Netflix Making2

Although it offers its services to many countries, not everyone gets the same catalog of movies, this is because the producers of the films or film companies have not allowed that many films are distributed outside the United States, although this has not prevented many still manage to see them using various methods to deceive Netflix showing that are accessed from a location within the United States which makes immediately be offered the full catalog.

Currently, the service has a high-tech has different service plans according requires: basic, standard and premium according devices varies from less than $ 10 to $ 15 monthly rental, the service provided is better and with a rating system user maintain a comprehensive catalog of entertainment and offering a test system 30 days to different ages; Although it has many competitors in the sector as Calorvideo, Totalmovie, Vudu, Cinepolisklic, Crackle, Netflix is ​​leading the market by over 70%.

This year, Netflix has expanded to several countries in Europe, this will help to get millions of new users which in turn will help generate millions in revenue, although this has caused many companies want to be a part of the cake dollars Netflix, demanding a commission that Netflix uses your Internet connection to provide its service, but this is absurd because users of these companies are already paying for the internet. The company has over 2,500 employees and approximately 50 million users worldwide.

The current CEO of Netflix knows that the company is growing at a rapid pace for this reason he decided to increase the salary by 50%, received a 2 million a year and will now receive 3 million, this thanks to a growing shares almost 300%.

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