How Much Money Makes Marc Marquez?

How Much Money Makes Marc Marquez1

Marc Marquez has won on two occasions the Motorcycling World Championship which has an excellent reputation among sponsors and what has helped him to obtain high incomes.

Marc achieving surprise during his first season in motorcycling, this time managed to take the title that earned him the title of youngest pilot to take the MotoGP championship. Is currently also the youngest ever champion pilot, also he and his brother are the only drivers to obtain each title in motorcycling.

His achievements have made it one of the pilots more proclaimed by the sponsors who have offered large amounts of money. Currently he has a contract with Honda but do not know exactly how much was what they paid, but some sources put the figure of his contract by 6 million euros, twice what he got with his previous contract which earned 2.8 million of euros.

But not only get money for their contracts, their sponsors will also deliver a certain amount of money, it is estimated that this year received more than 1 million euros from various sponsors who have shown interest in the young driver like that Fernando Alonso.

How Much Money Makes Marc Marquez2

The number you get is certainly very impressive, but far from what they get other pilots were larger, for example Valentino Rossi received some time 25 million euros as part of their contract and a considerable amount of their sponsors like others athletes like Floyd Mayweather.

The current contract of Marc Marquez has been questioned by many journalists who are interested in knowing how exactly the amount he received for that contract, but neither he nor his representative have wanted to disclose such amount, the only thing revealed is that it was not a figure two digits.

Then Marc Marquez’s achievements as a pilot:

  • Catalan runner motocross-initiation.
  • Catalonia champion motocross-initiation.
  • Third in the championship of Catalonia speed.
  • Catalonia Open champion R.A.C.C. in the category of 49 d.c. having as technical director to Guim Roda.
  • Catalan runner speed in the 125 cc Pol Espargaró behind.
  • Catalonia speed champion in 125cc on a Honda RS 125R.21 22
  • Catalonia speed champion in 125cc 24 also Honda23
  • Eighth in the CEV, speed–Campeonato of Spain in 125 CC25.

Marc annual championships:

  • 2010 125cc World Champion.
  • 2011 Moto2 World Championship runner-up.
  • 2012 Moto2 World Champion.
  • 2013 MotoGP World Champion.
  • 2014 MotoGP World Champion.

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