How Much The President Of Guatemala Make A Month?

How Huch The President Of Guatemala Make A Month1

The president of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, is one of the leaders who wage has increased in Latin America, so much so that it is he who tops the list of the highest paid in this part of the region.

Yet despite the many problems that are being developed in the Guatemalan country, the president has not considered in the least reduce his salary, arguing it would not solve at all the problems facing the country.

The most outrageous of this case is that global organizations and the UN, claim that Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Latin America, although this does not seem to affect him and major functionary’s president of this country.

So much so that today, President Otto has a salary of $18.520 winning over presidents of countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, a figure indeed very high considering that the minimum wage in Guatemala is only 2530.34 quetzals (which would be equivalent to $332.09) per month. But both President Otto Perez as the rest of its officials does not seem to interest the problems of his people.
How Huch The President Of Guatemala Make A Month2
The other side of the coin, we have Mujica despite being considered one of the best presidents of Uruguay and Central America, the president only lives with 10% of the presidential salary that gives Uruguay and this may surprise many, since we know the Uruguayan country is currently considered one of the best states to live in Latin America and José Mujica has made it clear that their only mission is to keep his country at the first level and providing excellent quality of life for its residents.

Additionally, we have provided information on the website of the CIA (Central US Intelligence), which states that at present the Guatemalan population by more than half, are living in poverty, while 13% of the population This country is surviving under extreme poverty, this being what most annoys people in this and other countries in the region consequent increasing migration to Mexico and the United States.

And to sink more finger in the wound, this country was joined by another evil, for because Guatemala has proximity to Mexico, the country suffers from drug trafficking and money laundering.

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