How Huch The President Of Spain Make A Month?

How Huch The President Of Spain Make A Month1

The President of Spain represents the executive branch of the government of the country by the King of Spain, in this country unlike other countries a direct vote for the position is not performed, but representatives of the legislature to vote for Spain candidate, once approved Rey has to invest it with power, once the oath made to His Majesty.

The charge lasts four years, however, there are no limits on the number of Reelection that can be performed on one person, and currently in power is Mariano Rajoy since December 2011.

Salary of the President of the Spanish Government

Amid the financial crisis that is sweeping Europe, the President has a salary much lower than other personalities of Spanish politics, gross current salary is approximately $78.150 Euros per year or $6.500 Euros per month, however, due to scandals derivatives finances of public officials, taking a lower salary than the president of Argentina, Chile, Colombia.

In addition to this salary has available the official residence of the President of Government: Moncloa Palace located in Madrid, where he lives since 2011 with his family, has rooms reserved for residential use as well as an office. Similarly entitled to use official vehicles both terrestrial and airborne, security services, civil guard and so on.
How Huch The President Of Spain Make A Month2
In the country the King has the highest salary with about $ 300,000 Euros per year, an amount three times the salary of the President, as well as some mayors of Barcelona earns about $ 110,000 Euros per year. However, to reduce the disparity in many government positions, and MEPs Congress passed laws that from 2015 there are new income limits for public officials.

It has opened a scandal to know that before becoming president and leader of the opposition his annual salary was close to 200,000 euros. The highlight undoubtedly is that nearly 27% increase your income between 2008 and 2011, at which Europe and Spain were in the midst of the crisis, as he said it had cut salaries of senior officials to improve public and private funds.

This information was made public after the company requested a report of their accounts, which offered since 2003, to show all income had by their public positions, although it has always been reluctant to comment about this sensitive issue.

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