How Much Does An Aeronautical Engineer Make A Month?

How Much Does An Aeronautical Engineer Make A Month1

An aeronautical engineer is an expert in engineering is responsible for studying, designing and developing new prototypes of aircraft, as well as repair and maintenance of equipment and systems that allow the aircraft to remain stable during its lifetime.

It is an engineering company in Mexico only available at the National Polytechnic Institute and the University of Nuevo Leon, has a theoretical duration of 8 semesters over time social service.

In many places it is between the first and second in salary between the professions of our country with the pilots, because there are relatively few graduates of this race, the labor field is wider, but not so simple, being a possible mechanical engineering industry.

Their average earnings in 2013 were about $1460 US dollars, which shows a wide gap between other professions, one of the main attractions is that it earns relatively well once graduated, averaging between $770 to $1150 dollars Basic experience.
How Much Does An Aeronautical Engineer Make A Month2
Thus, higher wages usually arrive in less years compared with other races and other engineering, the average rise is approximately 3-5 years younger in comparison.

Salaries after some years of experience can reach $ 3.080 US dollars a month in simple, well if you can demonstrate skills that are useful to the company may be that your position and salary increase exponentially to $7.700 US dollars, although these positions are really just at airports in Mexico being hired by a similar flight attendants airline, have the opportunity to start receiving these relatively young income (before 40 years)

There is a relatively short job market, however, since competition there is very little chances of finding employment are much higher, plus the knowledge that they are likely to work not only in the aviation industry but almost any field of engineering, work as a teacher is also feasible as there are few professionals in the field.

Language proficiency can be a factor that encourages your employer to increase your salary and your position within the company, plus most of the updates in this field are in specialized journals in English, so it is essential to master.

With the new project of the International Airport of Mexico City that is expected is ready for 2018, it is expected that air market increases in the country using a larger number of pilots and aircraft engineers as well as improving the number of students with knowledge this area and better wages without doubt, to enlist so that air market is growing.

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