How Much Did Alexis Sánchez Makes A Day?

How Much Did Alexis Sánchez Makes a Month1

The famous Chilean footballer Alexis Sanchez currently plays within the Arsenal, formerly played for FC Barcelona in the Spanish First Division, being close to being the highest paid athlete Chile at this time. Officially debuted just 9 years ago the team of his country Cobreloa, where he remained until 2006, when it was acquired by the team Colo-Colo.

Before coming to Barcelona with Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr, played in the Italian League Udinese Calcio hand. To display the value of the player we mention that his move to Barcelona cost about $ 43 million, which would be the most expensive to date for a player of Chilean nationality. It is recognized and appreciated for its speed, which makes it a recurring selected within the Chilean national team.

How much money a year, month and day in the Arsenal

In the season of 2014 and will renew the player salary equivalent to $ 11.5 million dollars per year (per season in his team) contrary to the $ 7.2 million dollars he earned from his previous contract with Barcelona 2013-2014.

This means that for every month during 2014 about $600,000, which is the same as $ 19.726 U.S. dollars per day a quantity of very high money as compared a Mexican will pocket it can take up to two years to get that money with a minimum wage.

How Much Did Alexis Sánchez Makes a Month2

Similarly we must remember that advertising contracts can be a very important means of revenue for the major players of any country, its income from these means may be in the millions of dollars, although it should be noted that only hires the most Famous sector in this case with the Chilean national team in the world and with your figure you can expect to earn more than 50% of their income from this as well as it has in the champions league.

It is essential for these professionals to save money for his life after playing on the courts, since even though many have come to to play almost verging age 40, your income is sometimes up to 20 or 30 times lower than they were in its glory years as we saw in Ronaldinho. Their salaries are high, however, did not last too long.

We must remember to be a famous football player not only helps in getting big salaries and contracts are available many other benefits, for example, it is known that many football players to go out to eat or to stay in certain places, not you are charged fees for their stay or consumption, as being in that place to give free advertising site.

The player Alexis Sanchez is undoubtedly one of the best strikers in the world and that is why he was worth the Barcelona spending has since marked positioning it goals among the top scorers in La Liga of Spain, and even more recently has Juventus rejected offers of millions and more teams who are interested in the player.

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