How Much Did Andrés Guardado Makes a Month?

How Much Did Andrés Guardado Makes a Month1

Andres Guardado is a player of Mexican origin with his 27 years he is still within the maximum sports figures in the country, beginning his career in the football in the Mexican football club Atlas, has been through the Deportivo La Coruna also Valencia and is currently within the team Bayern Leverkusen in the German League, waiting for his return back to valencia.

Andrés with Oribe Peralta, Rafael Marquez, Giovani and Chicharito, has been selected by the Mexican national team and has been able to enter within 3 FIFA World Cups as national team, being the holder several times. In other tournaments he has come to play up to 106 times the current selection Piojo Herrera.

The win kept Andrés year, month

In 2012 it was confirmed that if he played in Mexico probably his salary would be double what it charged at that time with Valencia, as he wanted to be among the few who were several years playing in German clubs, then your salary was 21 million two hundred thousand dollars.

Reached its peak at the play at Deportivo La Coruna, where came to perceive about 2.4 million euros, with which I juice several seasons.
How Much Did Andrés Guardado Makes a Month2
Currently plays for Bayern Leverkusen which earns $ 1.6 million per season per year at least for this in which we could say is test it somehow after being acquired from Valencia team seems to return to Valencia, Andres saved earns $ 133.334 euros per month.

This shows that the wages paid footballers are different according to ages who have, as time passes it is obvious that no longer apply to both teams, at least in sporting terms.

With the current world cup which was played in 2014 it was observed at least in Mexico in various commercials that undoubtedly gave him significant royalties during the year, and his play during games can catapult highest within his own team and be considered by others in Europe at the end of the season.

Similarly one must consider that these professionals have a fairly short production period within which savings should begin thinking about retirement, so if they can spend all their money would be left with nothing for their future life in which and cannot continue playing.

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