How Much Apple Earns Per Second?

How Much Apple Earns Per Second1

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most iconic brands in Silicon Valley, their advances in computer marked a watershed in the technology industry and computer without fear of innovation has had many successes and many other failures.

For some time he was a leader and pioneer in notebooks, smartphones and tablets, despite losing market even today its products are considered by the majority of people, even though their products are more expensive than comparable products of other companies.

The Apple earns a year, minute, second and for every iPhone sold

As a company that is currently trading on the NASDAQ (stock market computer companies in New York) each month publishes its quarterly results in multiple languages ​​for its shareholders around the world.

In the first quarter of 2014 net income (ie total revenue) of 13,100 million dollars, which means that for every share issued the company a profit of $ 13.81would, this month most of their profits from the sale of its iPhones. Apple is the second technology company and generally earn more money, ranking only behind Samsung and very over google and Facebook. In the second quarter, the company reported net revenues of $ 10,200 million, profit per share will be $ 10.09 per share.

These revenues (at least in the first half) were obtained from the sale of its iPhones which sold 51 million throughout the world, iPads are sold nearly 26 million and smallest segment but not least MacBook’s with 4.1 million sales. They also have other sources of income as their sales commissions on iTunes so applications like songs and books. The company reported earnings of Steve Jobs last year for $ 41.7 billion dollars, but due to the natural increase of the company, currently earns $ 324.080 U.S. dollars per minute and $ 5,400 for second.
How Much Apple Earns Per Second2
Each quarter the company returns a certain amount of these gains to shareholders around the world, for the first quarter by $ 3.05 they paid in February this year. Here’s a sweet deal for people who put money trusting the company, in addition to providing quality products to its customers. It is hoped the results that the company advertises as being altered if a violation of the agreements to sell its shares to the public in general.

Recent analyzes with the new product Apple, the iPhone 5S Y5C in their various capacities, were able to estimate how much you earn Apple for each iPhone sold, the results are winning and subtracting material costs except labor, of between $ 471 euros 5C, $ 553 euros 5S-16GB and $ 739 euros 5S-64GB in Spain, while Samsung makes $ 200 euros, Nokia $ 80 USD and Google Nexus loses money, while in the United States is earned between $ 270 to $ 625 dollars for each iPhone sold.

Finally Apple employees earn by location either Santa Clara or Bloomberg and work area, but it was revealed that on average earn between $ 10.337 to $ 45.200 U.S. dollars per month.

While sales continue to rise, it has lost some of its international market tablets and smartphones, but there are still people who are loyal to the brand and new technologies, so their income will continue stable. What wins in just one month is more than the money you can earn a person in his life, it is even likely that Apple Inc. has already earned over $ 1,000,000 while reading this article.

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