How Much a Bachelor in Tourism Makes Per Month?

How Much a Bachelor in Tourism Makes Per Month1

In many countries, including Latin American countries, tourism is one of the pillars of the tertiary industry, which is maintained by the thousands of people who visit the tourist attractions in various countries, leaving significant economic spillovers and consolidated economy active, here is the importance of tourism graduates worldwide.

In this context there are people who are specialized in servicing visitors, where the command of foreign languages ​​is one of the fundamental tools, to as many languages ​​as job opportunities may be much better in both labor and economic terms. Mainly working giving reports, speaking of history, giving tours or a tourist site receptionist, hotel or restaurant with a degree in gastronomy.

Salary degree in tourism and hospitality

On average your salary may be around $ 230 to $ 385, including benefits. Although this is the basic salary, an important source of income for these workers may be, if they are in direct contact with the customer, the tips that consumers stop and naturally can increase their income and not appear in the registered accounting firms that hire them.

For most Latin American countries, this implies that foreign currencies are better valued than the local economy, resulting in increased income for local people, coming to mean more than 50% are obtained your monthly salary.
How Much a Bachelor in Tourism Makes Per Month2
It is considered a of the 10 lowest paid professions like nursing in Mexico and other countries of the region should have a true calling to desist from work at least at the beginning of working life. The race is definitely a profession that has no future due to the increase in tourists traveling worldwide and revenues are not all bad because if you have experience and are bilingual as pharmaceutical chemists, in hotels and private business the revenues come twice, over $ 770 U.S. dollars.

However, there are people who prefer to work on their own and are dedicated to operate tourist businesses in which services or packages at special prices that invite visitors to see places of the region, excursions or to hear offered about the customs and lifestyles of the local people.

They may earn much higher depending on the size of the companies, these net earnings can range from $ 770 U.S. dollars per month or as large as amounts $ 2,300 dollars per month, which represent much larger amounts than to be obtained only as an employee, however, in these cases often require large sums of money to start trading, besides starting the relevant contacts that allows a balanced flow of customers throughout the year.

Must also consider that there are seasons of the year in which the income is much higher as the summer and winter, so the income is subject to the season.

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