How Much Does A Bank Teller Make Per Month?

How Much Does A Bank Cashier Earn Per Month1

It is difficult to define the work done by a bank teller: are these people we see every month or fortnight while we pay our credit cards or when we make deposits in our bank accounts.

Usually many requirements are not asked to be part of a banking institution in Mexico, perhaps the most striking (and obvious) is no criminal record, have a regular credit status, customer knowledge and experience in handling money as well as a career to a degree in economics. In some studies some related areas requested in the area of accounting and administration.

In Mexico in general wages cashiers are not very large, depending on the bank as Banamex, Banorte, Santander, HSBC and Banco Azteca, payment can range from US $ 346, reaching up to $692 US dollars per month. Other benefits they have are the same as those granted by law. The bank executives typically earn $ 14,000 pesos per month or more depending on the area where the institution is located, Banco Azteca being the least pays its bankers and Banamex the most.
How Much Does A Bank Cashier Earn Per Month2
However, they have a lot of responsibilities, since when directly handling cash, you cannot miss a single weight if it happens is deducted from wages and in cases of relapse may get to run to the person, or you may end up including a demand for robbery with a judge. Then there is the fact that they know the combinations of security doors of some areas of the bank, increasing their labor and cameras that watch 24 hours a day risk.

One of the biggest advantages that have it working hours, since at least most of the afternoon will have, thanks to schedules that manage banks, which allows many people who so wish have a second part-time job during their free periods, plus you never work on Sundays or holidays. It can also be faster access to certain personal loans.

In any case should more try to find a position as Sales Executive (seller), as well as an average salary of $307 US dollars can access a range of offsets or liabilities arising from each sale you make, i.e., each contract for account opening application for credit cards, debit cards, investments, and so on.

Some people might take this job as risky as working in banks that in any case, despite security measures are always potential points of assault.

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