How Much Does A Blogger Earn Per Month?

How Much Does A Blogger Earn Per Month1

A blogger is someone who is dedicated to having an online log, i.e. a blog, which regularly updated topics of some interest of the writer, which aims to provide some assistance on issues dominating or which is learning every day, blogging can be of various topics such as health, exercise, movies, travel, finance, etc.

It is difficult to define how much you earn a blogger, since there is an average income range within this world of internet, depends largely on the status of the blogger in question. Unlike video bloggers or Bloggers who make money on YouTube Bloggers using other platforms for their websites.

As you win a Blog

We mention several factors that influence the amount of money earned once the blog is monetized: the number of visits is essential because the more visits you can earn more income once they click advertising or a system CPA affiliate sales, RPM, among many others still the most widely used system of Google AdSense.

The theme of the site is not the same talk about travel and car insurance to talk about religion, politics, etc., some thematic pay more than others and this depends on advertisers.

Another thing is the amount of followers you have the site as if some sort of product is sold only if there is a degree of trust is possible that a sale is realized.

How Much Does A Blogger Earn Per Month2

We can talk about very general and non-specific revenue. The most common and known way of monetizing a blog is through AdSense, a subsidiary of Google that places ads on your site.

One click can produce dollar from $ 0.02 to $ 0.2 or $ 0.3 $ (depends on the theme and language of the blog). Imagine you have a blog where every month with 20,000 page views and only 1% of visitors click on the ads, would 200 clicks / month, imagine that each is $ 0.15 dollar, intone have $ 30 dollars a month. This was an example of how the system and the actual average CTR and CPC handling AdSense generally works.

If you think big we can have a blog with 300,000 visits per month, which have an average of clicks of 2% and a good theme to pay on average $ 0.2 US dollars per click, we would have up to $1,200 a month.

However, there are other ways to monetize blogs, including copyrighted, in these cases the main thing is the amount of traffic you have, because these thematic pay a little less in other media, but have greater demand movie sites and free series. Finally the way a blogger make money is with the affiliate system where the goal is to sell products for which a commission is obtained, in this case one has to look to the public indicated that interested in the product and where enter the subject of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), where the profits are usually higher because if they manage to sell an average of three products giving a commission of $20 or more per month you earn more than $1,800.

It should be mentioned that many bloggers do not recouped their sites, so it does not receive any monthly or annual gain, this last point is a personal decision blogger.

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