How Much Does Canelo Alvarez Make?

How Much Does Canelo Alvarez Make

The Mexican boxer 23 year old Saul Alvarez Barragan Santos better known as “Saul Canelo Alvarez” was born on July 18, 1990 in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico is today one of the most acclaimed Mexican fighters by the public and the best pound per pound according to The Ring.

He began his career at a very small hand his manager ‘Chepo José Reynoso “who owes his nickname since he started naming “Canelito” for his red hair and freckles; from the young age of 17 have their first daughter and once launched to fame had a relationship with the representative of Miss Universe Mexico and Televisa presenter Marisol Gonzalez.

Since 2005 began his professional career in 2008 and achieved his first title among his titles have weight Middleweight World Champion WBC Middleweight World Champion and the WBA. The rivalry that has been marked with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has been irrefutable because of its great similarity in age and race as well as being sponsored by two different companies hoping someday confront.

How Much Does Canelo Alvarez Make?

How Much Does Canelo Alvarez Make2

What the canelo wins depends on the opponent to fight against that front either someone recognized the cinnamon if you earn more than someone who will fight with starting his career, but one thing is sure and that is that the cinnamon sells and sells well. To give the cinnamon numbers in his fight against Josesito Lopez won $ 2 million and against Robert Guerrero earned $ 3 million dollars for winning and against Miguel Cotto likewise took home $ 3 million dollars.

In his most recent bout against Floyd Mayweather a fight is pact with gains for Floyd who later admitted to having accepted the fight only for money who pocketed $ 42 million for his victory but more sponsors and Pay per View estimated took a total of $ 100 million becoming the highest paid athlete in the world, second the cinnamon took $ 12 million dollars have already lost the PPV, where it is estimated that the fight grossed about $ 200 to $ 220 million dollar and who sold it? Canelo logically.

Currently Forbes magazine charted the Canelo as the third best Mexican athlete paid a salary in 2013 of $12 million dollars for his fight with Mayweather where Javier chicharito Hernandez appears in seventh position, the future of the cinnamon is very profitable and a possible fight planned against Carlos Molina and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. against that if Miguel Cotto not accept the $ 10 million that has been offered by Golden Boy fight canelo in March 2014. Definitely a boxer future.

Beginnings of the Mexican Boxer – Canelo Alvarez

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