How Much Does A Car Dealer Make A Month?

How Much Does A Car Dealer Make A Month1

A car salesman does just sell cars either new or used individuals or corporations, really is not any study is needed, although in most cases is asked to at least high school will have completed or are economists, experience in sales and a valid driver’s license.

There are two types of car dealers: those working in used car sites and agencies working on new cars, generally those working in agencies new cars have a high basic salary and commissions on every sale Car .

The base salary (ie, no commission) is very variable, ranging from the minimum wage of $192 dollars per month to a range between $384 to $538 per month.

Usually is that these workers have a certain monthly amount of cars that must sell, which complements his salary based on commissions. However, in most of the jobs in Mexico of this type has a base salary and besides that a certain commission for every car sold that can be quite variable from 1% to a maximum of 5% approximate earn, depending on the agency for which they work, whether Volkswagen, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan, etc.
How Much Does A Car Dealer Make A Month2
Failure to meet goals for several periods, it may be cause for dismissal of where one works looking for a vendor who can become more skilled and better outcomes.

It should be noted that in most of these posts the day you will have free weekday since the weekend, people have as much time available and will work.

It is a competitive job, as higher revenues will be obtained naturally from as many cars as you are able to sell, so if someone is good at sales certainly will achieve a good income and more cars are sold in some season.

We will put an example: with a base salary of $ 4.000 pesos, plus sell three cars a month with an average value of $ 100,000 pesos net price and a commission of 3% per sale, in a month revenue of $ 1000, wage above the national average, note that they do not make profit on loans with bank tellers.

There are other agencies that only paid on a commission basis, although in reality it is illegal not to grant social security workers, among other benefits that legally correspond.

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