How Much Does Carlos Slim Make a Day?

How Much Does Carlos Slim Make a Day

How much money has Carlos Slim Helú; is a Mexican businessman famous Lebanese origin being of the richest men in the world, estimated in 2013 at more than $ 73,000 billion according to Forbes fortune, competing every year with Bill Gates for the top spot who since 2013 moved to slim the second half of the year, this 2014 Charles moved to the 2nd place seeing little progress in its assets in $73.800 million leaving in 3rd and 4th place Amancio Ortega and Warren Buffett respectively.

Slim was born on January 28, 1940 in Mexico City, he graduated as a civil engineer at the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and from a young age began in the business purchase and sale of real estate in downtown Mexico City.

In the eighties with the crisis in Mexico that leaked capital slim invested heavily in the country and acquired several companies on the verge of bankruptcy which has stated that remembering the passing of his father in 1914 in the Mexican Revolution where I buy ‘The star of the East ‘his brother believing in the future of Mexico “If my dad in full revolution, the shaken country without even having a family, being abroad without rooting that gives you the time, confided in Mexico and its future, how he would not do it “

Carlos has diversified well their investments in various economic sectors which highlights the purchase in 1997 of shares in Apple which multiplied his fortune after the launch of the iMac in the same year acquired Prodigy in 2008 bought 6.4% of the newspaper “The New York Times “and in 2012 was 34% of the shares of the Spanish football team” Real Oviedo “and 100% club” Estudiantes Tecos “plus 30% of the club” Pachuca “and 30% of the club” Lion “These last two where it has already seen an increase in shares.

It is difficult for many people to imagine the amount of money that this man can earn per day, since by some estimates may be more than the money that many people earn in a lifetime.

Where does his fortune?

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Slim has diverse sources of income, among which we highlight their big companies Grupo Carso, Inbursa, Telcel, Telmex, and Sanborns among others.

According to some his fortune grows about 50.6 million dollars a day, each minute into his pocket has approximately 2.11 million extra dollars, if heard by hour.

Its many businesses have reached the point of generating more money than any man can spend, Slim has a fortune that day grows what other fortunes are at the peak of its glory and power.

Take note that the fortune of this man is somewhat variable, for example in the crisis of 2009 is estimated to lose about 10 000 million, this due to the fall in the price of its shares, which are subject to variation of the Mexican stock market, at least until 2012, his fortune had failed to return to pre-crisis levels.

However, their actions tend to be higher, given that its business strategy allows you to be dabbling in various areas of the world economy, diversifying its revenues in several places at once, this being the key to their financial stability. Your participation in various companies ranging from the field of health, telephony, restaurants, construction, mining and so on.

It is also considered by Forbes magazine as the telecommunications tycoon in Mexico and Latin America where the presence of the company America Movil Inc. is the undisputed master of the industry.

What Carlos Slim bought with your money?

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Usually I do not usually ask this question on other famous millionaires but this time is inevitable lead to the imagination. If slim elects to allocate his wealth among all Mexicans, everyone would play you on average about $ 500 each. Curiously the richest man in the world has said in interviews that month spends about $ 200,000.00 Mexican pesos, which is roughly equivalent to $ $ 15,500.00.

Slim has a GDP of countries like Slovenia, Uruguay, and Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, fortune and many others in Africa. You can buy an island anywhere in the world, and even estimates the value of the 10 teams of world’s richest football worth about $ 10,000 million USD together … so you can buy and still has plenty to bring the best players the world, you can buy rockets to fly into space and even missiles to destroy the entire planet, you can buy the 50% stake of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, you can buy the best and most expensive cars in the world, certainly slim can buy almost anything in the world would you do with that money.

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