How Much a Chef Make?

How Much a Chef Make

A chef is one professional chef preparing food for others. Being a chef is an art that only few can achieve adequately combine the flavors delicious dishes to achieve is something that anyone can get, that is why his work can be very well priced in the market.

The working methods of the chefs are very large, can work from restaurants (especially in major tourist cities), cruise ships, hotels or own their own business. Also their services are required in food preparation companies staff or chefs.

How Much a Chef Make?

If you work in a restaurant’s monthly pay will depend largely on the place in which to work, if it is one of the most famous restaurants in the city will not only have a good pay, but also be hard to get hired with more than 10 years of experience and are responsible for food. In this case the salary may be around $ 4500 U.S. dollars a month.

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On the other hand there are some who prefer to start their own business, in this case your salary will depend on the success of the business, may have modest incomes from about $ 1,000 if the home is one of the favorites of people in the city.

However, we have taken the examples of the most successful chefs, the reality for the vast majority are rather modest salaries from $ 900 dollars recent graduate is from $400 to $600 / month. This is the case of small or Assistants chef or executive chef of a restaurant in specific to be successful in the city restaurants.

For hotels your monthly salary depends on the level of luxury, Star and tourist area of the property, pay ranges from about $ 2000, meanwhile cruises pay a team of chefs fees higher than $4,000 to $8,000 per month, the problem is that it must be away from family for a long time and have a unique and internationally preparation as executive chef with over 20 years of experience among other requirements is gained according to the level of preparedness among executive chef, assistant executive chef, chef de parties, chef cook first, second and third chef cook. To enter these complexes is necessary to acquire experience over the years.

Success in this work is to become the head of the kitchen, because if you get to the position of executive chef your salary will be much higher as your creativity in the dishes will be the defining flavor of a restaurant, but for at this point you will have to go through many years of experience. Only the best have the best wages, however, this is a general rule for all professionals including nutritionists in another branch of food.

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