How Much Does A City Mayor Make?

How Much Does A City Mayor Make1

The office of mayor in Mexico is an elected office contested every three years in different municipalities, which are the smallest territorial division with three branches, within states. There is place for re-election as long as it’s not in the next period immediately after their first appointment.

Differences in salaries of municipal Mayors

Wages are different between each state and municipality, as seen as How Much Money earn The president of México Enrique Peña?, with the new transparency, the following data are known, but depend on the amount of budget that holds the town. It is set by the rulers of the same municipality. It should be mentioned that the aldermen are candidates for municipal office who did not win the election and become more than 300 per state.

Salary depends heavily on the municipality which one is president, if in a metropolitan area will be much higher salary (up to two times higher than rural municipalities). Similarly wages in the State of Jalisco and Mexico are higher than in Oaxaca or Guerrero, being the mayor of Monterrey‘s top earner with $ 155.076 pesos each month, for this reason we will mention some examples of towns in different states.

If we take the salary of the president of Guadalajara, is $10.650 monthly, compared against Tepatitlán outside the metropolitan area with a salary of $4.600, we note that it is less than the starting salary and so it is the responsibility and work.
How Much Does A City Mayor Make2
Then compare to Oaxaca, where its capital (Oaxaca) the mayor officially receives only $610 U.S. dollars, i.e. about one third of the salary of the president of Monterrey. Instead the mayor of Puebla (not among the 5 largest cities) is $12.320 monthly.

In Toluca (Edo capital. Of Mexico) the mayor’s salary is $ 9.300 U.S. dollars. In the municipality of Tlalnepantla state, receive a salary of $ 116.050 pesos per month (and with 5% discount of the previous mayor). Note that in total there are 125 municipalities and 2,457 municipality’s mexiquenses throughout Mexico and 16 delegations of Mexico City, where their wives or beneficiaries representing the municipal DIF (Integral Family Development) earned on average $ 66,000 pesos per month. In states like Campeche mayor receives a salary of $ 55.568 pesos per month. For ease add the following list of the highest paid mayors in the country.

How Much Does A City Mayor Make3

There are some other benefits that the presidents that are not accounted for in the basic salary as well as local Deputy and while they are not delivered cash undoubtedly decrease expenses per month can be granted the mayor. These benefits have cell phones, car lease in the period of government payments of some municipal services, travel, and security, among others.

Thus we can see from these wages contrasts of different regions of the country, wages are always controversial, since some poor municipalities too high amounts covering large portions of the annual budget is set, this being possible situation through self-determination that the law gives to many municipalities according to the payroll of public servants within its territory, losing complete control of the budget.

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