How Much Does a Civil Guard Make a Month?

How Much Does a Civil Guard Make a Month1

The Spanish Civil Guard is a security that is responsible for maintaining public order in Spain, unlike other organizations, it is national and you can see them all over the country.

It is responsible for ensuring the welfare, security and freedom of action of the Spanish citizens, being an institution with more than a century of history, being established in 1844 to contain public disorder generated after the Carlist wars were raised at home.

To belong to this security, you must enter an academy first to get into the organization, with courses lasting up to 4 years or 7 months, where own skills will be acquired to perform various tasks necessary in the bodies of security.

The civil guard takes on Spain, traffic, retired and SEPRONA

The amount of money that goes into the pocket of a Civil Guard depends on several factors: the time it takes within the organization, the destination that is located, the number of guards to perform at your location, if you are single or married, if traffic or SEPRONA (guards of nature) but then propose an approximate amount of money you can get.

How Much Does a Civil Guard Make a Month2
Being a recent graduate of the Civil Guard academies you can enter to work almost immediately, salary plus approximately $ 1.770 U.S. dollars per month will be taken.

As experience is gained within the organization and depending on the area, you can aspire to have a salary of between 1,400 to 1,600 euros in Ceuta, Basque country, Melilla; Or between $ 1.700 to $ 2,000 USD per month or specialized national police as being net of applicable taxes in Spain. Compared salary $ 2,300 would have a $ American $ 2.720, which is the average salary of the population and a good job opportunity in SEPRONA well earn an average of $ 1.600 per month, while the crossing guard charged in average $ 1.750 euros.

These fluctuations depend largely on the place where you are destined to the Civil Guard, however, some bonds may be obtained within the organization, as one of 100 euros if convened outside their prescribed working hours, which will be able to charge once a month.

One disadvantage of this way of working is that you find available 24 hours a day in case your presence is required for any reason whatsoever relevant to the safety of the area in which you are laboring and if you are civil guard security, you will not get anything extra for work 24 hours a day as they charge military pay and have very limited rights. Finally a retired policeman takes the approximate half his salary while serving as the range reached.

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