How Much Does a Computer Technician Make Per Month?

how much does a computer technician make per month1

A computer technician will install, configure and manage multiple technology platforms related to the computer field for different purposes. Every time there in the computer equipment that require proper handling to allow proper functioning country, however, the common denominator can not understand how to repair or maintain their basic computer equipment, is where computer technicians enter which form an integral part in solving this problem.

The wins a Computer

The most popular option is to find a job where carrying out their tasks, with constant wages of these professionals prowl between about $240 to $420 dollars a month, usually are responsible for maintaining the networks that are within a company, or workspace and also solve some problems encountered with the software within the company, either from the connection, installation and even as a programmer.

For the salary received is the knowledge of various computer equipment, repair and installation as well as the use and maintenance of different softwares, the higher the domain in these areas as well as the English language is best needed, it will be easier higher wages and benefits that are obtained.

how much does a computer technician make per month2

There is a relatively wide field of work, because the rule now is to have a network of computers, however small in all businesses operating nationwide and these networks need someone keeping them arises.

Many technicians also put cafes or places to repair machines, where their income is based on the number of people who come to his aid, but we can say that your monthly income is between $320 to $560 dollars per month. However, located in a flattering area with a clientele more or less fixed income each technician can be up to $ 800 dollars a month and even give work opportunities to colleagues.

Also can combine both work and work fixed in a company, in addition to agreements with certain Internet cafes to repair their computers leading the technician to improve their profits substantially earning on average $ 7,000 to $ 8,000 pesos (between $ 560 and 620 monthly $) occasionally, everything will depend on the ability of the technician to get customers.

Wages may sound low, however, we must consider who are not engineers or computer engineers in computer systems with more knowledge, but without doubt their expertise allows them to have a decent life and can serve springboard to systems engineering.

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