How Much Does A Criminologist Earn?

How Much Does A Criminologist Earn1

A degree in criminology is responsible for studying the processes by which crimes are performed, may include both psychological (which bank to commit the crime in the mind of the person), sociological, economic, among others, supported various branches which can range from ballistics, forensics, entomology and criminal law.

Salary of a Criminologist

The reality is that today’s job market, there is a lot of jobs for this kind of profession, however, it is expected that in the future the number of job positions and wages increase, dealing criminologists as experts and researchers police.

In this context, the places where you can get a job are the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) or in their state representatives in Mexico, just as in some police forces, especially in large cities, may be required their services, as well as the FBI in the United States where they are used mostly, and salaries 5 times higher than in Latin America.

Salaries depend on the locality in which they are present, are linked budgets that are within different municipalities or justice organizations in the country. Only with a degree you can get between $800 to $960 per month to enter and with some years of experience, this salary corresponds to medium and large cities.

How Much Does A Criminologist Earn2

While wages in small towns usually $560 to $650 monthly, the same can be applied to those professionals who are recent graduates of the race, and they have to build a CV curriculum to advance positions in the organization.

A person with a master’s degree can be a major source of income, allowing him to occupy high-ranking positions within the institutions that offer this type of work, this specialization can afford to raise wages about 50% of the previous payment you have. The amount of responsibility you have to the citizenry is obviously greater, however, you can also access more features.

In the current climate of violence that exists in the country, these professionals may be pressured by criminal groups to collaborate with them, they are extorted, among other things, so it is a profession to which he deserves respect, not everyone enters this world.

In comparison in the United States this kind of profession at the undergraduate level has an average monthly income of $4,000 a month, which is more or less what they earn in 4 or 5 months in our country, but we must consider the socio differences economic between our countries.

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