How Much Does A Drug Dealer Make A Month?

How Much Does A Drug Dealer Make A Month1

A drug or drug trafficker is a person working illegally in the production, distribution and storage of various kinds of drugs, both natural and synthetic (chemical), working in most cases under the protection of cartels or families who control the sale and production of drugs in a given area.

Quirky income

First of all these figures below are based on estimates, since we cannot really speak of fixed salaries with benefits in illicit business being followed by the military and navy. There is a hierarchy obviously those most money received is the cartel leaders, it is estimated that each year all the drug cartels in Mexico earn up to 50,000 million dollars that pass through US border signifying a strong source income to local economies.

If you’re a reporter, i.e. avisas your superiors about suspicious activity in the area you can obtain up to $ 390 to $ 770 dollars a month, however, once you have spent a few months if you loyal upload to post regularly by drug dealing, however, will be under the orders of another person who controls your area, yet the average income is between $ 770 to $ 3,850 dollars depending on the market in your area of sale.
How Much Does A Drug Dealer Make A Month2
Once you’ve shown enough loyalty you can gain access to the district chief by call it that, where an area is at your expense for both protection and for selling drugs, in this case will be between $ 7.700 to $ 23.000 dollars depending on the area in which you sell illicit substances, obviously the best areas belong to the most reliable people cartel.

It is noteworthy that in addition to above usually once you start being seller will equip you with a van and weapons to deal with potential threats both municipal police and other cartels. Also sometimes when work satisfactorily for the organization are made possible a kind of bonds are dealt, which can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the success or risk of the special operation .

Although it may sound like a tempting offer, the risks that exist within the “business” are quite high, at any time can die in a confrontation with enemies cartels, federal police or by their peers if not perform a task properly or filter information. It is noteworthy that the most renowned and known drug traffickers who are leaders of a cartel have very large sums of money, such as El Chapo Guzman became listed by Forbes among the richest people in the world.

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