How Much Earn DrossRotzank Per Month?

How Much Earn DrossRotzank Per Month1

DrossRotzank or simply “Dross” is a YouTube, journalist, writer and humorist of Venezuela being the most popular vloggers Latinos today. The video platform YouTube, despite criticism by various means, artists and users, has become today the most influential platform and also through advertising implemented by Google, is one of the most lucrative branches of company.

These gains are mostly run by Google, though, thanks to the creation of YouTube Partners, has allowed many users make videos move from simple hobby to make them a more professional way to generate constant income.

In this context DrossRotzank has managed to shine in this medium with his sarcastic humor, valuable information that leaves everyone with a new learning and nobody knows where that information out, but especially controversial themes and tone of voice is that has catapulted him to fame in the internet, his real name is Angel David Revilla (1982), his humor on the net about issues of religion, politics, economics, science, myths, among others, managed to position itself as one of the members community able to monetize your YouTube channel more than 3.2 million subscribers and more than 630 videos.

Calculating your income the same way as with vegetta777, imagine for each of your subscribers see four videos on their channel per month, which would lead to 7 million views, considering that for every 1000 visits are paid $ 2 in definition of advertising by partnering with Machinima, we should get an estimated $ 14,000 per month.

How Much Earn DrossRotzank Per Month2

This figure (a bit more and in other cases less) is managed to describe income famous videobloggero, these revenues have allowed him to spend more time on the social network, and enable you to improve the quality and quantity of content that can be performed.

We can consider that for such people as elrubius, there are other sources that can fill their coffers, for example, advertising in the real media or embedded within their videos, but it is explicitly promoted by him, not as a mere banner or advertisement. Also many others engaged in lecturing, where they can keep a good portion of the income received in the lockers.

Clarify that this income must pay taxes according to the requirements check hacienda within their country so these revenues could be reduced by 20 to 30% of the original amount.

As always remember that these are simple statements, only he can really know how much income you earn on a monthly basis, which makes all the world a little puzzle that clearly he is forced to hide. Definitely a very striking part of this work is that you control completely the time you want to invest in the platform, which gives you a lot of freedom.

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