How Much Earn ElrubiusOMG?

How much earn ElrubiusOMG

Today the way in which we can make money has changed a lot thanks to the presence of new information technologies. In recent years, YouTube has established a form of membership which allows you to profit thanks to the videos you upload (provided they are original) through advertising inserted in the videos. It is the way that rewards the quality of YouTube channels that deserve recognition.

ElrubiusOMG is the youtuber or video blogger largest number of subscribers in Spain, has been a big hit with the community and speaking Spanish countries and we imagine how much money the Rubius generates monthly basis should be quite high, thanks to YouTube partner scheme.

Calculating earnings

Naturally that will shape the gains in this article are purely speculative, as only he can know the real gains he gets per month, which incidentally by company policy cannot be disclosed at any time.

But we begin to calculate how which has income, can be obtained in two ways: the clicks of ads that are on the bottom of the video and on the right side, or per thousand views depending on the channel can be have an amount of money.

How much earn ElrubiusOMG2

Suppose video having an average of 300,000 visits (with new video) and that for every thousand visitors you will get $ 2, also suppose only upload four videos in the month. If we make multiplication we can see that a month would be $ 2400 U.S. dollars, which is already a decent wage for many people.

Recall that partner with machinima is where wins $ 2 USD per thousand views. But we have not considered the number of reproductions of old videos that can be even greater than the prints of recent videos, this parameter imagine that their previous videos receiving two million visits this would have $ 4,000 more in addition think that in your channel hundred thousand clicks are made in advertisements and pays per click is $ 0.10 on the dollar, this adds $ 10,000 to $ total.

In total we would have an average of $ 22,000 dollars to round the figure, however, we have considered the lowest settings, so maybe this estimate be far removed from reality.

If you manage to have a sufficient number of subscribers, then YouTube can be an ideal medium for real gains, but remember this is achieved with perseverance and hard work, not only come from heaven.

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