How Much Earn Sky Does Minecraft Per Month?

How Much Earn Sky Does Minecraft Per Month1

The video game industry is currently one of the most lucrative industries in the world as well as the channel Sky Does Minecraft, and that despite the crises many people are playing video games in the comfort of your home. This is why video displays in which the main themes are the games are as popular as PewDiePie YouTuber who is earning more money around the world with a channel gameplays.

Adam Dahlberg owns this channel, in which the famous game Minecraft is used to perform skits and videos made only within editable world of this game, its popularity is extremely high, has just over 10 million subscribers and videos have millions of views each video and go up every day.

As it is a video blog that mainly focuses on the niche market in English, like smosh, we must consider that your income is higher than the Hispanic market, so do the math.

You can get up several videos per day, however, consider climbing only one video per day from Monday to Friday, would be 20 videos per month viewing around 5 million people (say that not all subscribers see all videos) , which would have 100 million a month of displays. Considering that approximately 1,000 prints you would pay $ 2 $ 200.000 only by the views.

How Much Earn Sky Does Minecraft Per Month2

If we also take into account the contextual advertising which can be clicked, consider that only 1% of its subscribers use it, also if each click is paid in $ 0.5, and with the distribution to YouTube would have a total of 100,000 thousand extra dollars per month for the owner of the channel, giving a total of $300,000 per month, but of course not been calculated tax deduction that applies to your country of origin and that could consume much of the money you receive directly from the advertising in its channel.

However, there are internet sites to consider that your earnings can go up to 2.9 million per month, although it seems an exaggeration, you never know what might be the truth.

As we saw in us how much dross, we must remember that it is not possible to know the real earnings of persons performing content platform YouTube videos because advertising companies enter into contracts with the owners of the channels in which specified must not discuss with others the earnings taken through the channel.

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