How Much Does An Economist Earn Per Month?

How Much Does An Economist Earn Per Month1

An economist or a degree in economics is a person who is professionally prepared to find the causes and consequences of various economic processes that involve both losses and profits for a company, and proposing solutions to prevent these phenomena using their knowledge and skills in economics.

There is a great deal in various schools is similar to the clerk degree. Because of this there is a high demand for labor, however, the best positions are occupied only by people who have more knowledge and being bilingual, working as bank tellers or financial institutions.

While you can increase the salary with a master’s or doctorate or a specialization in banking and accounting, is much more important to master languages, especially English, but other languages can help, but more importantly the above. We must remember that in Mexico there is one escasees workers to master another language.

Salary degree in economics

Overall it is a profession that has a good labor supply, but as always the worst of the sector will not find a job in large transnational companies (those who pay more).
How Much Does An Economist Earn Per Month2
A recent graduate person can hope for his early work to have an average of $ 461 US dollars per month. However, if mastered English to + 80%, can aspire to gain employment of up to $ 930 US dollars at the start with great growth opportunities.

Growth opportunities increase with time but the best will only be available if a language is mastered, if otherwise can suck up about $ 1540 US dollars a month at most.

However if languages are mastered you can access to positions of up to $3846 to $5390 US dollars per month, in which in case of a foreign company will have to travel constantly being manager or senior management of a company .

As in many other races there is always the option to be a teacher education both top or high school. For teaching at a high school level can have a payment of $11 per hour, while a faculty this amount can be doubled. We can deduce that for 20 hours classes in high school will earn US $920 per month, while a university revenues will be US $1850 per month. Recall that at least in Mexico is required to be entitled to teach at any school or college in the country.

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