How Much a Electrical Engineer Makes?

How Much a Electrical Engineer Makes1

Electrical engineering in general is responsible to resolve issues concerning the improvement of industrial processes, telecommunications, telephony, computing including the use of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, for which gain knowledge of various areas of knowledge that enable them to supplement their task, working with mechanical and industrial engineers.

It certainly is a business that is in the process of growth, although it depends heavily on the sector to which they are attached may have higher incomes: some may engage in computer systems, or the latter becoming less common electrical issues, as refrigerators, microwaves, and many other electrical appliances and technologies used.

Salary of an electrical engineer

This race is on the list of the highest paid in the country, although not within the TOP 10, the average salary they have is pretty good compared to other professions that can be found in the academic offerings of the country.

However, as in most jobs, unless you prove not to be a genius and change the industry on a day you have to start with much lower wages are between $ 390 – $ 461 dollars a month which have for several years before moving up within the company.
How Much a Electrical Engineer Makes2
Once more experience has been gained working in PEMEX and CFE or controlling electricity, you can aim for a salary of between about $ 770- $ 2,300. While there are higher wages in industry and production, it takes longer to access them. Despite this the average wage is $ 1,000 per month.

Others may choose to try to put a proper repair and maintenance business with appliances, household connections or computers. In this case revenues depend largely on the amount of work to be taken per day, however, one can calculate a mean $ 10,000-$ 20,000 pesos a month, all depending on the area in which the business is located and the number of clients that are addressed daily, be a good option for self-employment.

Similar civil engineers, some of the people in this career graduates also play as teachers in activities which are paid for class hours given and the amount to be paid depends largely on the university to which you are working.

Also you can supplement income from a regular job, plus repair work on your own. The amount of extra income you receive will depend on the amount that is available for freelance work as a way to put it. Certainly electrical engineering is a race in the future and essential new technologies, and implementing systems using electricity allowing you to create an infinite number of functions and devices previously unimaginable.

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