How Much Does EnchufeTV Make a Month?

How Much Does EnchufeTV Make a Month1

EnchufeTv channel is a video platform YouTube, created by a production team of Ecuador since 2011 is producing music videos on a weekly basis, your videos revolve around the humor and social criticism view from a comic view with various styles such as sketches, micro yapas, and making of, sponsor.

Although the video platform is their primary means of distribution, have its own page: where and to view the videos, you can learn about the program, its participants and have direct contact with the production. Currently has more than 6,150,000 subscribers and an average of 800,000 views on each video.

Calculating your income

As we had said about How Much Earn DrossRotzank Per Month?, on the platform of YouTube there is a way to raise revenue: advertising, which can be inserted into the channel, once the company invite the owners of the channel to enter into your system Partners which allows you to embed ads within the videos in various formats.

We intone the problem to say that amount of money comes in, so we will do some calculations to try to meet your income: if we assume they have about 5 million subscribers and each weekly video we see the 5 million views on the channel. Costs approximately $ 2 dollars per thousand is taken reproductions (which is paid to partners of this type), we would have $ 10,000 a month for this concept.

How Much Does EnchufeTV Make a Month2
Besides considering the publicity that is available to click on the channel, we think that only 1% of the viewing channel enter these links, this means 50,000 clicks in the month, if each has a value of $ 0.20 dollar we generated $ 12.500 channel least google the fees charged, and thus their high activity in video makes you earn more money than yuya and most subscribed youtubers.

So we have a total of $ 20,500 each month in Mexican pesos is approximately $ 265,000. However, they have not taken into account the views of people who are not subscribed to the channel, or the display of their previous programs, so this could well be over a month, but that only those of the know.

Based on these estimates per year would have revenues of $ 246.000 U.S. dollars. However, he commented that it is difficult to approach the actual numbers of money they make these youtubers with their programs through YouTube, since in most cases contracts with publishing houses explicitly prohibit giving information or details about of receipts and payments made to each of the channels.

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