How Much Does a Firefighter Make Per Month?

how much does a firefighter make per month1

Who has not dreamed of being a firefighter? but despite being the dream of many people in its infant stage, the work of a firefighter in Mexico, is on one level a certain marginalization, since his salary is considered too low for the work performed, in which daily risk their lives to save others.

Monthly Salary Mexican Fire

The salary of firefighters in Mexico is about $750 dollars a month, in case you are a regular firefighter, or can be up to $ 1,150 per month if you become station chief also depends on the area, naturally uninsured by ISSSTE and benefits law, earning better than other Mexican soldiers like professionals.

In the “DF” average fire wins $720 to $800 dollars while in Chihuahua the average salary is $1,300 dollars.

The above information about how much you earn a firefighter, is generic capital, there are places where they can pay a little higher or lower, further functions are varied. In large cities their job is only to be firemen, however, in villages due to lack of civil defense personnel activities are interspersed with paramedics and rescue workers, who receive no special salary.

how much does a firefighter make per month2

Generally to be a firefighter is required to have a high school diploma or high school, and has more than 18 years of age, after this course should be developed within the premises of Civil Protection and Fire community, certifying the person as a firefighter, then you can enter the Honorable Fire Department, provided there are vacancies.

The way they work is by turns, the week is divided into different shifts both day and night, plus weekends and holidays, in which each team of firefighters whose number depends on the population of the place where located, has the duty to monitor the area who are assigned to protect the population of fire. Although still pitiful that over 70% of calls are received daily telephone is jokes.

Therefore we can contrast it with their remuneration in more economically advanced countries like the United States, where his salary can be 5 times the $ 3,750 to $ 5,940 monthly depending on the area and better teamwork being one of the few higher-paying jobs that do not require college degree in the United States of America is clear, just like the cops in the us get a much higher social recognition by government authorities.

However, their work is one of the noblest and bravest that can be seen in today’s society, not everyone has the courage and the guts to face the fire and death every day, their attitudes and virtues should be recognized more measured by society and government.

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