How Much Does a Footballer Earn a Month?

how much does a footballer earn a month1

The dream of many young and old is to be a football star, live on what they like, play football, but before reaching it requires a lot of time and dedication (and even a little luck ) to one point in entering a team that pays you to play for them and one day play for the team in a World Cup or even better play the champions league in any European team.

The wins a football player

This is how you get the big differences between the earnings of either player, while in the European leagues become wages of millions of dollars annually as we saw gains as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Falcao and Neymar, in leagues minor, but professionals in Mexico second division or third division, this amount may be less than $ 6,000 pesos ($ 500).

So players who are in the First Division have average salaries between $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 dollars a month as a clear example that Rafa Marquez and Oribe Peralta, however, if you find debuting in sports you will not get more than $2,000 dollars until’re worth more to a team. Note that in this segment have the possibility of advertising that can far surpass their income being mere players. Naturally there are higher than those payments, but are players with a great track record and acknowledged by the fans as the chicharito.

how much does a footballer earn a month2

Wages also depend largely on the team for which he played, since it is not the same belong to America or Chivas, whose fans make the brand value increase, to be part of Leones Negros or equipment with an amount retail fans.

However in the second division salaries tend to be much more modest, the highest being $1,200 dollars while the average is around $480 monthly), however, the aspiration of any person is staying too long within this segment.

So you must be the best to aim for the highest salaries? Yes and no, since many good players never get out of the minor leagues, rather it is a matter of their own advertising, where be disclosed to the public can be the difference between success and fame or going through forgetfulness, which is why there scouts and managers to help them excel with a commission.

The main problem is that player will not be forever, after 30 years of age are less labor deals and effort required to keep playing, this leads to the players should have a good exit strategy succeed where accumulate enough money or be engaged in coaches or technical directors of a club among other businesses, you can see more footballers salaries.

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