How Much Does a Forwarding Agent Make?

How Much Does a Forwarding Agent Make1

A broker is a person who is authorized (in Mexico) by the Ministry of Finance to issue patents that allow the entry and exit of goods from the country with the laws and regulations that relate to the Customs Law of the country, so who become subjects needed if international business.

The broker earns SAT

Contrary to what many people think, they have a fixed salary as a dentist or navy, but in each transaction set with the company that wants to bring goods into the country, a certain percentage of commission on the total value of the goods.

Let’s place an example, a ship from Asia with a cargo valued at 15 million pesos, to contact the customs officer may request a 1% of value of goods. After entering the goods in the country, the broker would have a payment for fees of $ 11.500 U.S. dollars just for that commercial transaction.

Therefore broker revenues depend largely on the recognition that you have, the value of the goods have to enter the country and has contacts with big companies that allow you to increase your income exponentially.
How Much Does a Forwarding Agent Make2
It speaks in general terms that the customs agent may have a minimum income of $ 3.860 U.S. dollars per month, without actually there is a ceiling on income that can perceive. $7.700 U.S. dollars there is also talk of a monthly average of $.

However, there are many myths about the real income of these people, it is said that many times may receive bribes from international companies to allow them to introduce goods of dubious quality and provenance or without permits. By allowing the introduction into the country, the percentage could request can be much more than a commodity in order. It is noteworthy that not all brokers lend themselves to this type of business conducted underwater.

With the new Tax Reform of this government, at least in Mexico it is expected that its market share decline and may even get to go, but need to see the legislation that will be held in the Chamber of Deputies. Also be banned designate successors in the event of illness, death or retirement as been doing for some time in this profession.

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