How Much Did Giovani Dos Santos Makes a Month?

How Much Did Giovani Dos Santos Makes a Month1

Giovani Dos Santos is one of the popular Mexican soccer that are playing in foreign teams in the last World Cup 2014 in Brazil, was selected as a starter in the squad of the Mexican, being an important member in the tricolor squad Rafa Marquez alongside and El chicharito.

He debuted with the team Barcelona in 2007 after being featured in the Mexican national team, has also played for the following teams: Tottenham England, Ipswich Town and Galatasaray from the same country, the Ricing de Santander, Real Mallorca and Villarreal of Spain in the it is today. Also with Oribe Peralta was Olympic gold medalist to get on the football team at the Olympic Games in London 2012.

The Giovani Dos Santos earns per month.

Also like all athletes, especially younger and technical director El Piojo Herrera have a good source of revenue from advertising. For instance in Mexico he was seen in more than 5 ads before and after the 2014 World Cup, so it is estimated that for this reason it is likely that these campaigns to help him get into his coffers around $ 7.700 U.S. dollars minimum and a maximum of up to $ 38.500 U.S. dollars.
How Much Did Giovani Dos Santos Makes a Month2
He is currently playing in the second division of the Spanish league team Villarreal after being sold in 2013 by Mallorca by no less than eight million euros.

Today is one of the two highest paid players on the team, as seasonal and year draws to charge up to $ 1,500,000 of tax-free euros a considerable amount for a player and having a peso equivalent of $ 25 million and half dollars, Giovani earn $ 125,000 USD per month.

We consider that although athletes can amaze us with the amount of money they earn in the various sports clubs involved in your work life is short and extravagant sums of money are earned only during some periods at the beginning and end of their become less amazing career and also should be sufficient to keep the rest of their lives.

In the future they may aspire to perform other business according to their skills as coaches or as coaches, however, not all choose this route, so that its life is quite short compared to other professions and trades. The contract Giovani by Villarreal is considered the most profitable of the Spanish league and the team, that is why it is expected that the contract with his brother Jonathan Dos Santos is like, the player continued to improve its quality of play, although the Mexican national team has not shown.

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